Dome's Integrated Environment

About us

Our approach

We designed a user-centered experiment that gives our members, regardless of background or field, choice and control over where and how they work. We have taken into account the various working methods and cooperation that effectively contribute to the well-being and comfort of members. In addition to creative work spaces, DIOM provides integrated facilities: A health club, a coffee shop, an outdoor yard, a restaurant, a natural light, and a lot more.

One of the most important features of this unique experience in DIOM spaces, which exceeds 100 square meters, is society, which contributes to increase the level of membership and participation among members through targeted and sustained effectiveness and an application that helps you reach out to all and communicate easily and smoothly through your smartphone.

?What do we aspire to deliver at DIOM

Our mission

A community promotes belonging and cooperation among its members, where they inspire, support and exchange experiences.
Different tools for members help them raise the quality of thinking, work and cooperation.
Spaces designed in a creative and flexible way that provide members with a comfortable and inspiring experience by providing different options for each type of work and cooperation.
Renewed content that accompanies the needs of employers and helps them to develop in personal and in practice, provided indifferent ways.

Additional Services

More additional facilities

We worked on developing additional spaces to improve the quality and efficiency of the place
  • Café serving specialty coffee
  • Integrated health club
  • Multiple car parking

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with five diverse zones to suit different work styles
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