?What is DIOM Flex

Professional work spaces in commercial centers and pleasant and comfortable designs that help you focus and work flexibly for both individuals and your team members

Diom Flex is designed for:

- Remote working employees
- Entrepreneurs and self-employment
- Teams and Startup projects
- Work teams in companies and government agencies

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?Why DIOM Flex


You can work by the minute, by the hour or by the day without to oblige to any monthly or annual subscription, choose your convenient time from 8 am to 12 pm on all days of the week and Friday from 1 pm to 12 pm.

Also, freedom of movement between available space platforms, and each of which offers its own distinctive character to complete your tasks to the fullest extent possible.

Quiet and privacy zone

The work environment in DIOM Flex is designed to give you the physical and mental comfort to focus on your work with options that provide you with privacy when needed.

Call cabin

We completely separate you from external noises when you need to make audio and video calls to communicate effectively to achieve your goals.

Supporting Services

We provide you free water and coffee, and also provide accompanying commercial centers with high-quality restaurants and cafés with DIOM Flex, to enabling you to access it in a few seconds or a few minutes without trouble.

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Find Diom Flex in Riyadh

Rubeen Plaza Hittin

Jarir Plaza Narjis

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Download DIOM App
and start your experiment for free

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