By following these health procedures and protocols, we will return safely and securely, ensuring our health and the health of our members, God willing.

Our dear members of the community of Diom,

The Kingdom has taken precautionary and preventive procedures to control the spread of the corona virus. In the previous period, we have taken procedures and developed health protocols (a letter to the Diom community) to ensure your safety.

# Return back careful is the motto of the stage. We started to resume work in the spaces on May 31. We would like to inform you of the mechanism of return, the health protocols, the state of the organism, the policy of internal communication between members and changes in working spaces to ensure optimal physical spacing. Following these health procedures and protocols, we will return safely to ensure the health of our members.

Work Space

We've reorganized and redesigned the spaces to ensure physical spacing of organs(over 2 meters) and to set separations between each workstation, including redesigning a dynamic zone and reducing the allowed zone from 25 to 8 members only. We also reduced access gates to the spaces and became the main door to ensure control and use of steroids at the entrance. In addition to printing guidance on the number allowed in each meeting room and at the entrances, we hope that everyone will commit to wearing garments on entry and make sure that they are used throughout your time in the common zones within Diom. We have provided each zone with sterilizers and placards that illustrate the protocols in question and we hope you will be able to use any hand sterilization station before and after completion. We clean and clear all the roofs and floors continuously throughout the day throughout the week. We would like to remind you to download the Ministry of Health's application (tabaeud) and activate the program in (Twitter account).


Membership Status

We've reviewed all members' memberships and added 30 free days to those whose members have been affected by the total ban. We'll communicate with all members (whether membership is finished or still effective) over the next few days. We are more committed to supporting our members and their projects than ever before. If you want to review your membership and previous payments, you can order them, and we'll send all your contracts, invoices and receipt voucher directly to your email, and we're currently providing an explanatory document with your membership details and their start and end date soon. If membership is still effective, it will remain frozen until the member determines the date of return.

Internal communication and diom application

Over the past month, we have taken a number of decisions concerning the membership, space, working mechanism and strategic direction of Diom, including internal communication, membership management, meeting room reservations and hours tracking. After that, we decided to stop Diom application and adopt other internal communication methods. From today all notifications, messages, announcements and internal communication between members will be via Diom in Slack and you can join the channel via the following link:

Through Slack you will be able to communicate with members, access updates within spaces, communicate directly with the Diom Task Force to file a complaint or request, and also follow your membership status. It's also important to make sure your data is updated in Slack like e -mail to receive our messages.

With regard to meeting room reservations, we are working on a new meeting room reservation mechanism. In the current situation, the use of meeting rooms does not require pre-booking, we have provided four meeting rooms and four open meeting zones to ensure that there is room for your meetings at all times and we will inform you of the booking mechanism shortly.

Finally, we advise you to review the health protocols of the Ministry of Health from here and the protocols for offices from the Ministry of Human Resources from here

See you in Diom

Faisal Al-Qarni

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