The most pessimistic did not expect the world to stop suddenly and everything to be postponed for another unknown time. From unimportant news somewhere in China to an epidemic that touches our personal lives here. D with reassurance and security that guarantees our health and the health of our members, God willing.

The most pessimistic didn't expect the world to stop suddenly and put everything off for another unknown time. From insignificant news somewhere in China to an epidemic touching our personal lives here. This shift is difficult to absorb in a very short period of time. The threat posed by the spread of the Corona virus, orCOVID-19, we can all see its effects at the moment from a near-lack of social and economic mobility, And I hope and expect it's only a few months away. However, it is a new reality, albeit temporarily, that will reshape many concepts in our lives and actions, with social and economic dimensions that will have an impact on decades.

In the midst of these events, it is very easy to drift with daily news and analysis, and whether COVID-19 is a political conspiracy, an economic game, or just a natural event. There's a very big information noise that could confuse reading of the current and future situation. Regardless of the reasons, focusing on the economic aspect and SMEs in particular, there are two facts that are clear today:

The first is that everyone is in one boat in this crisis and therefore there is no way out of the least harm unless all suppliers, service providers and others cooperate, as is expected from your facility with its clients as well as employees. There is a moral and social responsibility for all of us to seek sustainable, just and equitable solutions.

The second is only a matter of time until the gradual improvement begins and life returns to a situation closer to normal. Whether through new mechanisms that limit the spread of the virus or by discovering a vaccine for the virus, most current projections indicate a period of 6 to 18 months. I personally hope and expect that the period will be shorter than 6 months, especially given the Ministry of Health's successful plan and government support packages for the private sector.

The challenges are not insignificant in the current period and the next few months for small and medium enterprises in particular. However, by looking objectively at the social and economic dimensions of this crisis, we find that there are many concepts that are undergoing a period of transformation: from the simplest things such as personal hygiene, to social events, to entertainment, to work and other aspects of our daily life. It is difficult to predict at the present time the extent and length of the impact on the behavior of the individual and the society in its various shades. But we can be certain of a significant change in the priorities and needs of many people, the ways they reach them, or the value of this need to them. This change may create many difficulties, but at the same time it will also create new opportunities.

As a business person or a growing company team member, it is very important to visualize the user journey of your customers during this phase and post COVID-19 objectively and deeply. In order to draw a plan that will help the company transform and grow, you must reconsider the solutions you offer to your customers, and whether they are still possible, appropriate, and presented in the right way. It may be a simple shift in products, or more than that in a shift in the business model or strategy.

Anyway, current events can't just be seen as a problem. It is also an opportunity for personal, social and practical breathing. The current developments and the post-COVID- 19situation and the social and economic implications of finding solutions, opportunities and a good way out of this crisis must be reflected on and reflected on objectively.

The current period is a very appropriate opportunity to revisit many aspects of your facility and to ascertain its flexibility and adaptability in the period ahead. This flexibility starts from an open mindset and does not cling to some old ideas and experiences, and even gives way to new ideas, even if they seem strange or not possible.

This crisis will pass and those who have the ability to innovate and transform will be able to come up with better gains in the market compared to before the crisis.

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